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Tips and tricks: Rows counts - getting quickly, comparing databases

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SQL Server 


Rows counts - getting quickly, comparing databases 


Just to get all tables with their row counts quickly:
select, si.rows
from sysindexes si inner join sysobjects so on
where si.indid<2 and so.xtype='U'
order by si.rows desc
Also a combination if you want to compare rows counts between two databases e.g. to check if they are the same (in terms of row counts).
select, si1.rows, si2.rows, si1.rows-si2.rows from DB1..sysindexes si1
 inner join DB1..sysobjects so1 on
 inner join DB2..sysobjects so2 on
 inner join DB2..sysindexes si2 on
 where si1.indid<2 and so1.xtype='U'and si2.indid<2 and so2.xtype='U' and si1.rows-si2.rows<>0
 order by
The results may be not accurate due to the values in SQL system tables (it may require exhoustive DBCC UPDATEUSAGE). Usually they are correct and if you really want to compare I would suggest to use this script first and then investigate just few differences.
It works only on tables with an index on them.
Created at 12/11/2008 14:26  by Artur Malinowski 
Last modified at 12/22/2008 9:22  by Artur Malinowski