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Tips and tricks: Custom ASP.Net page on Sharepoint

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Sharepoint 2007 


Custom ASP.Net page on Sharepoint 


Just two steps are required:
1. Copy assembly to your wwwroot/bin subfolder.
2. Copy your ASPX files e.g. to layouts sharepoint subfolder.
3. (OPTIONAL) If you are to access Sharepoint API you need to set change WSS_Minimal to WSS_Medium in SharePoint web.config.
- You don't need to sign assemblies.
- You don't need to register assemblies in GAC.
- It is very EASY and FAST deployment - especially when developing/testing. You don't need to restart IIS server (or App Pool) in order for changes to take effect. In VS.Net you may create a script running after build process so anytime you build your changes are visible in Sharepoint.
- You don't follow Microsoft guidelines with features & solutions so in farms you need to repeat these steps on every front end server.
Created at 12/11/2008 13:50  by Artur Malinowski 
Last modified at 12/16/2009 15:07  by Artur Malinowski